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The U.N. Turns to Comics to Promote Global Goals

In September, representatives from around the world will gather at the United Nations to ratify the organization’s newly developed list of Sustainable Development Goals, essentially a global “to do” list—“No Hunger,” “Gender Equality,” “Fresh Water and Sanitation,”—focused on solving the...Read More >

‘Calvin and Hobbes’: America’s Most Profound Comic Strip

In 1985, American newspaper readers met an appalling little boy. He taunted his mother (“Prepare for annihilation, pitiful Earth female”), tormented a classmate by telling her he had brought a “thermos full of phlegm” for lunch and kept a sign on his...Read More >

GARRY TRUDEAU: ‘Doonesbury’ creator becomes first cartoonist ever to receive George Polk career award

by Michael CavnaIN A CAREER of many firsts, Garry Trudeau has just notched another one. The “Doonesbury” creator has just been announced as the recipient of the George Polk career award — the 33rd person to garner the honor, but the first cartoonist to do so.The Polk Award comes exactly 40 years...Read More >

An Exhibition of Adventure

The most beloved duo of the comic pages is back in Exploring Calvin and Hobbes: An Exhibition Catalogue (Andrews McMeel Publishing, March 10, 2015, $19.99). Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2015, Calvin...Read More >

Dear Abby aka Jeanne Phillips to be Honored at 2015 Great Minds Gala Hosted by Diane Rehm

(Jan. 26, 2015) WASHINGTON – Dear Abby aka Jeanne Phillips will be honored with the 2015 Proxmire Award, which recognizes a national figure who has demonstrated leadership and positively impacted public awareness around Alzheimer's disease and dementia, at the second annual Great Minds...Read More >

GoComics Cartoonist Keith Knight to Speak to German Universities

L.A.-based cartoonist Keith Knight is off to Germany in November for a series of comic strip slide shows addressing the subject of police brutality in the U.S.. The cartoonist discovered that his work, which frequently addresses the subject of race in the U.S., was being used to teach German...Read More >

Legendary Cartoonist Pat Oliphant: 'We Are in a Forest Fire of Ignorance'

(September 3, 2014) -- For 50 years, the Australian-born artist has been a mainstay of America's politics and opinion pages. Here's why he's not optimistic about the future. Pat Oliphant is perhaps the most influential political cartoonist in...Read More >

Cartoonist spreads Mother City love

(July 5, 2014) -- CAPE Town has long prided itself on being an international destination. Now it’s got a boost from US cartoonist Jan Eliot in her Stone Soup comic strip. “The landscape and the seascapes never ceased to impress me. You have the most beautiful...Read More >

Dan Thompson, creator of the Rip Haywire comic strip, now teaching through Taught By A Pro

(June 28, 2014) -- Dan Thompson recently added two courses on comic creation to the Taught By A Pro online course catalog. In the course Awesome Storytelling in Webcomics, Dan Thompson provides instruction on the art of writing a compelling story that will engage...Read More >

Stephan Pastis’s ‘Bill Watterson week’ gets ‘massive’ reaction, traffic

(June 9, 2014) -- THE WORLD’S attachment to “Calvin and Hobbes,” and the connection to its creator, remains strong and passionate nearly two decades after Bill Watterson took his boy and his tiger and went home, leaving the comics page ever since —...Read More >

2014 NCS AWARDS: Reuben winner Wiley Miller (‘Non Sequitur’) appreciates honor’s esteemed legacy

(May 25, 2014) -- ON SATURDAY NIGHT in San Diego, “Non Sequitur” creator Wiley Miller won what he calls “a once-in-a-lifetime award.” Miller means that both wryly — because a cartoonist can win this honor only once ever — but also sincerely, because he appreciates the prize’s...Read More >